Our members become part our neuroscience community at King’s College London – no matter what their level of study or field background.

We also offer our members free or largely discounted entry to events, whether they be our events or ones we co-host.
You will also be eligible for one-to-one mentorship under our Mentorship scheme.
Upon attending our NeuroTalks, our members are entitled to a certificate showing their dedication to the field of Neuroscience.
Each NeuroTalk certificate is signed by the KCL Neuroscience Committee and our patron and Vice-Dean of the IoPPN, Dr Mark Richardson!
Please see a committee member before or after each NeuroTalk you attend to register your attendance and details. We will email your certificate at the end of the academic year

Membership to the society is £3 per year.
You can become a member by joining us online, or by signing up in person at the KCL Student Union in The West Wing, Guy’s Campus.

Become a member